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Reasons for Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool is a welcome respite from the heat. But before you can dive into its cool blue water, you have to perform all the swimming pool maintenance drudgery that prolongs its crystal-clear perfection. This often makes a backyard pool more of a burden than a blessing. But just in case you find yourself too lazy to do this chore, try and remember the following reasons as to why you should aim for regular swimming pool maintenance.


  •  Get rid of those annoying floaters.


Swimming pool maintenance includes skimming the leaves and debris off of the surface of the water. For a truly pristine pool, skimming should be done daily. In addition to this, you need to scrub the sides of the pool to prevent algae build-up. Thankfully, that doesn’t need to be done quite as often. You can get away with scrubbing once every other week. Just look for any growths and go at them with a scrub brush to keep your siding looking fresh and clean.


  • Filters do not clean themselves.


It is best to shoot for a filter cleaning every 4 to 6 months. Clean debris out of the filter, and then soak it in a 10% solution of muriatic acid. Then, rinse the filter, let it dry, put it back, and that job is done for a while.


  • Poor water levels mean poor hygiene.


Proper balance of pool chemicals and minerals makes for an enjoyable swimming experience, keeps equipment clean, and creates sparkling, clear pool water. You should provide appropriate chlorine or other sanitizer treatment frequently to your pool, as recommended by your local swimming pool maintenance experts. The amount of chlorine needed depends on the size of your pool, the cycle of the filter, the temperature of the water temperature, and how often the pool is being used.


  • Shocks are good once in a while.


Shocking refers to drastically raising the chlorine levels for a short period of time to kill bacteria. It’s done by diluting three to five times the normal amount of chlorine or other chemical sanitizer with water, slowly pouring it into the pool’s return line, letting it filter throughout the pool, and then slowly refilling the pool with water over time. This is a good practice after having huge parties at home.


Keeping your pool clean is important. But if you can’t find the time to do swimming pool maintenance, don’t fret. There are professionals out there who can help you out.


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