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Commercial Pool  Services

Torn between replacing or repairing your pool equipment? We understand that your pool equipment are working hard every day, especially with your busy commercial pool servicing guests and customers daily.Here at Apollo Pools, we offer free pool equipment consultation—no obligations, no strings attached.


Every business wants to make an economical decision and we want to help you improve your pool business too. We promise that our commercial pool services proposal will not cost you a cent. Our proposal will include a report on whether your current pool equipment is still dependable or needs replacing. We will also suggest pool equipment that will match your needs—all for free.

As for maintenance of your commercial pool, we have professional pool maintenance experts that can service your pool weekly to monthly. Such commercial pool services include testing the water, adding chemicals, cleaning filters, vacuuming, brushing, tile cleaning, inspecting system and emptying skimmer and pump baskets, for an affordable price.

Further, our commercial pool experts are trained to repair any part of your pool’s system, including heaters, motors, pumps, filters, chlorination system,  valve, plumbing, gauges, flow meters, tile, plaster and many more.

What about commercial pool construction? We also do that and we will do it based on your personal preferences and specifications. Tell us what you envision your commercial pool will be and we will bring it to life from the design, layout to the materials you want. If you want our professional advice and suggestions, we are more than happy to help you out.

Now if there is one other thing Apollo Pools takes pride in, that’s our safety measures. Our pool experts are trained and exercise proper safety measures on the job every time. We constantly monitor our pool equipment and of course, our pool experts wear safety gear too.

But more importantly, it’s not only our safety we are concerned about, we will also help you out with the safety of your commercial pool. From monitoring the chemical balance, to spa emergency shutoff devices, we are here to help.

If there are any commercial pool services you need, just give us a call or shoot us a message. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

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