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You may think that having pool maintenance is so dragging and cumbersome. Though every kind of pool has its own maintenance needs, all pools should be maintained regularly. Doing basic pool maintenance problems like murky waters or dysfunctional pumps should be consulted to experts to avoid wasting your time, money and effort. Pool maintenance services may provide you great help in keeping your pool clean but you may also need to do some manual up-keeping. Here are some tips in doing manual cleaning.

1. Debris should be removed daily. You can manually do this by skimming your hand or a basket over the pool’s surface. This is done regularly to avoid debris sedimentation—which will give you a harder time cleaning your pool. Strainer and filter baskets should also be cleaned from debris and dirt. Aside from aesthetically clearing your equipment, this process lowers the chlorine requirement and increases water circulation.

2. Add chemicals when doing pool maintenance to increase the cleanliness of the water. It is expensive, though, if the chemical demand increases every time. Vacuuming the pool keeps the water cleaner thus reducing the amount of chemical needed. Aside from vacuuming, brushing the walls and floor keeps algae from growing. Since there is a low amount of microorganisms, chemical needed also lowers.

3. Don’t clean your filter that much. Though we want clean waters and clean equipment, it is proven that filter is less efficient if it is cleaner. The dirt on the filter helps trap other particles and dirt removing debris in the water.

4. Constantly check and maintain the water level of the pool. Water level goes down because of evaporation, splashing, or wear and tear in exiting the pool. Using skimmers and vacuum may also cause decrease in water level. Though decrease in water level is acceptable to an extent, equipment may be damaged if ware level is not maintained. Pumps and heaters may malfunction and get destroyed if the water level goes below the skimmer. You can use a garden hose to safely increase the water level of your pool.

These are just some of the pool maintenance needs that you can do by yourself. You can always contact experts and pool maintenance services to help you. Heaters and other equipment need professional help. It is better to let the professional handle these pool maintenance needs to avoid further damage and expense.

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