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Avoiding Extra Pool Repair Expenses

Short readings can get a long way in swimming pool maintenance. The more you learn about its nature, the easier it is to maintain.  Pool owners get pool repairs often even when not needed. The common problems encountered by pool owners are usually the water, tile staining, and growth of unwanted species.Here are some maintenance tips to help you deal with unwanted pool problems:

  1. Chlorine Level– the exact chlorine level is part of swimming pool maintenance. The loss of pool chlorine may be caused by low level of pool chlorine, lack of cyanuric acid, or a large bather load.  In swimming pool maintenance, make sure to check the CYA (Cyanuric Acid) level weekly, keep in mind that a cloudy pool may be caused by a CYA of 80 ppm and above.
  2. Algae– poor swimming pool maintenance is the most common cause of algae growth, when owners regret to brush the tiles regularly and do pool repairs often, algae growth increases thus leaving it filthy and slippery. A solution for this problem is to check the chlorine level every now and then; plus having the pool brushed and vacuumed on a regular basis. Pool repair can be prevented since algae growth can damage accessories and other gadgets attached to the pool.
  3. Chlorine smell- it is true that chlorine is a part of the swimming pool maintenance, the only problem is that putting too much of this can create that unpleasant smell that damages the nose, eyes and also the skin. This is caused by imbalance in the pH and chlorine level. Swimming pool maintenance guides recommend a pH level between 7.6-7.8.
  4. Staining– pool repair companies see staining as a problem with the PVC pipes. This is the time when you are to call a plumber to do the pool repairs.
  5. Filter– when you feel like sand is coming into the pool, the reason can be the filter. Immediately have the pool repair done; this can be caused by the cartridges or channelings of your pool filter.

Poor swimming pool maintenance can lead to expensive pool repairs. Keep a list of the things you should do before going through with the pool construction.

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