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How to Do Effective Pool Maintenance

The summer heat is headed your way, but you’re not worried, you have a swimming pool in your backyard. You can just jump into it whenever you want, invite friends over and have a pool party or just relax with the family—that’s the advantage of having a pool at home.

But before you get too excited, has your pool undergone proper pool maintenance throughout the year? If yes, then good. If not, well, you really ought to have your pool maintained regularly. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money on an expensive investment you made.

Now, what you should know about pool maintenance is that it must be effective. Simply cleaning it won’t get the job done. You want it sparkling clean, but at the same time, having healthy water to swim in.

There are steps in effective pool maintenance that you can handle alone, while there are others that are best left to the pool professionals. Nonetheless, here are some tips on how to improve the maintenance of your pool:

  • Remove floating debris from your pool at least three times a week. This should be done because the debris can sink at the bottom of the pool and then harden. Once this happens, debris will be harder to remove. Simply use a skimmer to remove floating debris.
  • Vacuum the pool weekly. The skimmer won’t be able to remove all debris, so the vacuum will remove the remaining ones. Plus, vacuuming helps prevent algae and calcium buildup.
  • Check the water level. It should always be at the right level to help keep the pool clean.
  • Check the pH level of the water. It is essential to maintain the right pH, which is between 7.2 and 7.8. You can simply use strips and dip those into the pool to check the chemical levels.
  • Your pool should not stink of chlorine. If it does, this means that the pool is super chlorinated and you need to “shock” it to bring the chlorine back to the normal level.

Sounds easy to do right? It really is. You just have to build the habit of always checking up on your pool and doing effective pool maintenance. If you really don’t have the time to deal with the maintenance yourself, you can always call on a pool repair or maintenance company to do the job for you. At least you’ll be more assured that they will clean the pool effectively as they have the proper equipment and tools to do so.


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