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As a pool builder we are ofter asked “How much does a pool cost: ?”

The answer is simple, “How much do you have?”  That might be funny at a party, but there are some real items to consider. The shape of the pool is not always a factor but can be. The depth of a pool could add a little to the cost.

Some main concerns in how much does a pool cost are: size, water features, and materials.

    • How much does a pool cost: The size of a pool is directly related to the cost. it is simple but true. A small pool will cost less than a great big pool. There a minimums for the small pool. Anything smaller than 12 ft by 22 ft will not be any real savings.  As you go up in size the materials, labor and expertise will all increase.
    • How much does a pool cost: Water features are always nice to have in a back yard pool. A raised beam around the back of your pool can add a nice bit of character. add a sheer descend water fall to that raised beam and you have a gentle sound of water that is a must for many pool owners. A vanishing edge or overflow pool can be a very nice touch and add a bit of elegance to your back yard. Other features like a spa, or deck jets, or even a splash pad for the kids to play in could be considered.


  • How much does a pool cost: The material used in the pool and on the surrounding deck can also be a consideration, An entry level pool might have a marcite finish. This was good in the old days, but pool finishes have come a long way. A nice upgrade would be a quartz finish that adds a little color to the smooth white plaster look of marcite while adding a much longer life for very little cost. The next step up would be a pebble finish. A pebble finish uses beautiful tumbled stones of varied colors to give you a smooth yet very durable lifetime warrantied finish. It seems to always be a good idea to add lasting value with upgraded finishes and option.
  • How much does a pool cost: Decking choices can also vary, but the value could be worth it. Weather you go with a concrete slab and acrylic coating, a man made paver, or natural stone, there is always an option that fits your budget and a style you can enjoy.

So the question stands, “How much does a pool cost: ?” Sometimes I think my first answer is might be the best answer.

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