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Most water and surface problems can be handled by the individual pool owner. The information below provides solutions to some common pool issues. Always make sure the water is properly balanced prior to any addition of corrective chemicals and pool and spa repairs are done in a regular basis.


Algae Problems


Nothing can dampen a pool owner’s joy more than a stubborn algae bloom, resulting in time, effort and money, not to mention a lack of swimming. No matter how hard we may try to keep our pools clean, problems with filtration, dips in sanitizer, and extreme weather conditions may result in less than favorable water conditions. This then would lead to further pool and spa repairs focused on filters and drains. No matter what type of bloom you may have, the faster treatment begins, the easier the battle and the lesser and cheaper pool and spa repairs will be.


High Level of Swimmer Waste


Generally after parties or when a lot of kids are in the pool, the water will become cloudy due to a high level of ammonia in the water. Pool and Spa Repairs for this problem will include a non-chlorine shock also known as an oxidizer, freeing the contaminants from the water, also working as a clarifier.


Extreme Filter Pressure Problems


High filter pressure is when your pool’s start- up pressure reading reaches 10lbs above start-up. When you see that the pressure level has risen to this point, it is important to backwash or clean the filter. High filter pressure is usually the result of heavy non-living organic loading from contaminants such as sunscreen, lotion, hair products, and more. A pool can never reach its maximum potential for water clarity until the filter is operating properly. A key factor in pool and spa repair for filtration is an operational filter gauge.


Weir Problems


The weir can get stuck on the sidewalls of the skimmer if not aligned, and will restrict water from flowing into the skimmer, also causing loss of flow, due to the pump sucking air. Thus, a weir can be trimmed to free an obstructed pattern of movement. However, due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and the replacement is easily completed, this is a common replacement part through the summer.


Keep these things in mind. Remember: frequent pool and spa repair routines for proper placement and unobstructed movement will save you a lot of money.


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