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Tips for Basic Spa and Pool repair

In order to avoid pool and spa problems, it needs regular maintenance. The most common issues an owner encounters are associated with the filters, pump, motor and water heater. If there are problems with the pump, water heater or motor, the owner will most likely seek help from an expert in spa and pool repair. These are more complicated to fix and could make the problem worse if not handled correctly.


Problems related to the water is usually caused by chemical imbalances and dirty filters. Having a dirty water in the spa and pool is sometimes caused by chemical imbalance. This may result to dirty filters over time and might affect the unit’s overall functionality. However, any of these issues can be fixed by the owner. Listed below are common problems and basic tips to do spa and poor repair.


Filter Problem


The most common problem you’ll encounter is leaking water around the filter. This is usually caused by worn-out O-rings, damaged filter or loose plumbing. The need to replace the filter frequently is a sign that that the water in the pool or spa is imbalanced. Also, it indicates that the size of the filter is too small and cannot handle the water volume going into it.


Solution: Clean the filter and find the appropriate size of filter for the unit. Remold the O-rings properly.


Water Problem


Understandably, a dirty filter may cause dirty water or the other way around. Imbalanced use of chemicals will make the water cloudy and foamy. High levels of calcium, pH and alkalinity will make the water cloudy. While, soft water and high TDS levels will make it foamy. If the pool has a greenish color, it’s possibly because of the spreading algae in it.


Solution: Drain the water completely. Clean the unit and the filter as well. Refill the water in the unit and test the chemicals accordingly.


If you don’t want the fuss of cleaning your pool or spa’s filters or worrying about the right amount of chemicals to use, you may want to just sit back and relax and get an expert spa and pool repair service provider to attend to the problems.


Often times, if you force fixing a technical problem that you have no knowledge about, the problem will just worsen and you’ll end up paying more to get that repaired. So if you can, just let the spa and pool repair pros handle it and enjoy your newly repaired spa or pool.


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